Sunday, September 6, 2009

Better living through chemistry?

Every time I turn around I'm getting a new pill to swallow. As my doctor once said, while having a difficult time looking me in the eyes. "I can't do anything about the cause of your illness, I can only treat the symptoms." She's a good doctor, contrary to that less-than flattering recollection. I have a feeling it was much harder for her to say, than for me to hear.

Still, the bigger concern is that the drugs are just that, temporary numbness from the cause. It all seems so counter productive, when you think about the long-term result.
When will I find a better way to either cure the cause or relieve the symptoms without pickling my liver and drooling on my shirt.
Then there are the times when I must forgo medication all together.
My doctor recently prescribed yet another medication for pain. My research has me thinking that I don't want another sedating drug with all the usual side effects. Drowsiness, listlessness and the usual parade of masks.
Fortunately, anal leakage isn't mentioned, but weight gain is, which doesn't sit too well with me. Fibromyalgia's biggest side effect (other than pain) seems to be weight gain. Mostly, because it hurts like hell to move, yet exercise is often the only way to really get the best of fibro. I believe "cruel irony" are the words you're looking for here. So, do I sedate myself with a drug at the hope of getting some pain relief or force my way through exercising?
Do I give in to the allure of medication, adding one more to the cocktail I'm already hating?
Do I take the gun?
Do I leave the cannoli?
Jesus I wish I knew.

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  1. So, how's it going? Feeling any better?